10 Ways To Make Life Easier
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10 Ways To Make Life Easier

10 Ways To Make Life Easier

We all have busy weeks and sometimes you just wish life admin was less time-consuming. Well, I have some tips for how to manage this and how to make life easier.

10 ways to make life easier


It’s such a simple tip but really helps you to stop feelings of being overwhelmed as well as reduce anxiety. Clear out your wardrobe, wash the dishes and make your bed.

Organise your Finances

Rocky finances are part of the reason so many of us lose precious hours of sleep, so get them in order. This doesn’t mean working on how to become a millionaire overnight but becoming aware of how much you actually make, how much you actually spend and where you can make cuts or changes that will help you keep a better balance sheet in future.

Goal Setting

I love a good goal and I think it is helpful for everyone to have a least one, so long as you don’t let it hold you, hostage. No goal needs to have a time limit or be something tangible. A goal can be as simple as hoovering twice a week or making yourself lunch for work three times a week. It can also be larger like getting a promotion at work or finding a new place to live. So long as you have at least one you always have something to strive for.


If you have an upcoming event or know someone’s birthday is coming up then plan for it. What train are you going to get? Do you have some money set aside for a gift, or even an idea for a gift? Jot something down and plan it out so that you’re prepared.

Don’t Put Things Off

Don’t procrastinate! If you have a project due: work on it! If your laundry is over-filling then do a load. Don’t put things off because putting one thing off leads to another, and then another. Get it done and out of the way.

Treat Yourself

You are allowed to treat yourself now and then. Sometimes buying a coffee at work rather than drinking the instant coffee kind is fine, so long as you see it as a treat and not a habit. Going to the cinema after work or buying that lipstick you’ve been after for a while is fine. Accept it and allow yourself to enjoy it.

Your Time is Your Own

Sometimes you have to be ‘selfish’ and take time for yourself. I think selfishness is actually an underrated quality. I’m not saying don’t share or turn down every offer to go out – if you do this they’ll eventually stop coming – but if you really don’t want to do something, don’t. If you’ll feeling obligated rather than having a genuine desire to attend an event, help someone out or be somewhere then just don’t. Your time is your own.


I hate the gym – don’t think this is me telling you to go to the gym! But find some sort of exercise you enjoy, for me that is walking. Yes, walking is exercise. Other people I know go swimming, some do yoga, jogging and spin class (yuck!) but others play netball, water aerobics and weight-lifting. Find what works for you.

Try something new

I can’t stress this tip enough. Trying something new opens new pathways in your brain and is also a great way to distract and re-path yourself. It can be as simple as trying a new coffee order at Starbucks trying a new hobby, trying a new genre or book or trying some new food. Try something new today if you can.

Be Yourself

Never let yourself become something you’re not, and if you’re worried you already have it’s time to change that. Don’t waste energy on being something that you don’t want to be or that doesn’t make you happy. Identify what it is about yourself that isn’t authentic and swap it out for real. Accept it and everyone else will too.

Those are my top tips on how to make life easier. I hope it helps. If you have any suggestions leave a comment in the box below.

Love Ellie x

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10 Ways to make life easier

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