10 Things to get you in the Christmas Spirit
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10 Things To Get You in the Christmas Spirit

10 Things To Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Things are tough right now, I’m not going to lie. But usually, Christmas is the best time of year – in my opinion – there’s something often magical about it. But, it’s not always easy to get into the Christmas spirit even without COVID in the mix.

10 things to get you into the Christmas spirit

Here are 10 things to get you into the Christmas spirit if you’re struggling to feel festive in 2020.

Blast those Christmas tunes

Get onto Spotify or YouTube and find a Christmas playlist. Then turn up the volume and have a sing-a-long. Everyone knows the words to Last Christmas or All I Want for Christmas Is You, and it’s impossible not to conjure ideas of Christmas whilst singing either one of them.

Treat yourself to some Christmas snacks

From October onwards every supermarket and corner shop is selling some sort of Christmas snack.s From boxes of Heroes and Celebrations to chocolate coins and snowball treats. Grab a fiver and head to the local shop – with your mask and anti-bac – and get some. Then eat them all without any shame.

Decorating time

Even if you’ve already decorated take a moment to truly appreciate your Christmas decorations,. If you feel like it needs a little extra – Christmas is the time to be extra extra after all – then make something! A craft session can be both therapeutic and festive.

Send Christmas Letters

Christmas cards are becoming less and less common, yet we all enjoy receiving them. But, to add some extra festive cheer why not turn a card into a Christmas letter instead? Personalise each card with an extra-long message to friends and family. It may be after Christmas now that they receive them, but why not keep the festive cheer going a little longer?

Watch Christmas movies

I have a list of Christmas movies I love to watch every year, and I always try to watch a new one each year as well. From watching the classics like Muppets Christmas Carol to The Holiday, to trying a new film like Noelle on Disney+ or Die Hard, if that’s your thing. Grab a cosy blanket, and a beverage of your choice and get into the Christmas spirit with a fab Christmas movie.

Sample the Festive Drinks

Each year I look forward to seeing what concoctions the coffee chains release as their Christmas-themed drinks every year. My personal favourite, yet to be topped, is the Gingerbread Latte from Costa. If you’re feeling a little lax in the Christmas spirit world then go and treat yourself to a Christmas coffee or hot chocolate – even if it’s just at a drive-thru Mcdonald’s. It’s better than nothing.

Read a Christmas classic

As a book blogger and publisher, I’m always going to recommend reading to get into a festive spirit. Why not grab A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker and have a Christmas readalong with friends to make it extra special?

Christmas Outing

Even if Christmas light turn-ons aren’t a massive thing this year, you can still go and see them – if you’re not in Tier 4 this is. Or, if you are and you live in a residential area why not go for a walk to admire the local Christmas lights? In my hometown, there’s a street that competes for the best Christmas lights every year, and it’s a treat to go and see their flamboyant Christmas decorations in the car.

Do a good thing

Christmas is a time for giving, so to truly get into the Christmas spirit you need to give back. From dropping off supplies and donations to homeless shelters, charity shops or food banks to volunteering or giving blood. Give back this Christmas in any way you can.

Talk to Friends and Family

And finally, no one should be alone at Christmas even if they’re in Tier 4. Just because they can’t come and see you, or vice versa, you can still spend the day with them via Zoom, the phone or online. And it works both ways. If you’re feeling down pick up the phone to text or call, drop someone an email, write them a letter, drop into their DM’s… whatever you need. Make sure everyone is in touch and feels loved this Christmas.

What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit? Are you more like me and just need a good Christmas tune to play that’s it: Christmas is here! Or are you a bit of a grinch and need more persuading? Let me know in the comments below. Merry Christmas.

Love Ellie x

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10 Things to get you in the Christmas Spirit

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